Our People

Nick Finegold, CEO

- 25 years industry experience, founder Execution Ltd in 2000.
- Instrumental in building Deutsche Bank’s Equity business into
a modern £2.2 bn franchise from virtual start-up


Damien Devine, COO

- 12 Years Merrill Lynch Capital Markets
- MD Deutsche Bank (COO Global Derivatives)
- Founder Director Execution Ltd.
- COO Execution-Noble

Richard Comish, CTO

- BA (Hons) Physics (Oxon), MSc Computing Sciences (Oxon)
- 12 year industry experience in eLearning, medical and financial systems
- CTO of Execution Noble

Robert Maxwell, CCO

- 25 yrs+ experience, European equities, sell-side and buy-side
- Head of European Equity Product, Paribas
- Head of Global Research Marketing, UBS Warburg
- Managing Director, Liberty Square Asset Management


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