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Curation’s sustainability intelligence portal allows your students to contextualise their academic work with current real-life examples.

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How it works

Curation’s Academic portal allows students to easily access a wide range of curated, trusted and relevant articles on sustainability trends, risks and technological advances, helping put academic work into a real-life context.

Our intelligence results from Curation’s unique combination of AI and human driven searches, in-depth reading of industry, academic, general-interest publications, expert blogs and lateral thinking from our curators.

Includes content on good health and well-being, reducing inequalities, clean water, clean energy, decent work and economic growth, innovation and infrastructure, sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production and climate action. Several other sustainability focused topics are also covered.

Monitor trends

We work with some of the largest companies in the world. Students can see what is important to those businesses and incorporate relevant information into their academic work.

Supporting resource
Supporting resource for students, helping them understand themes before their courses have started, identify examples to support course work and assist with research projects.
Cloud based portal

Curation Academic is a cloud-based portal with over 180,000 articles, growing by over 200 stories a week. Content is thematically tagged according to the UN’s SDGs, regulation and corporate governance.

Keep on top of emerging technologies

Help students easily follow technological developments keeping their knowledge current, both for course work and job interviews

Find sustainability insights faster

Curation Academic portal helps students easily find relevant information on sustainability topics, giving them a broad cross-section of reading material.

Prepare for the job market

Students can research companies, see who is active in their chosen field and help them prepare for interviews.

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