Tailored Intelligence

Informed decision making for professionals

Stay ahead of sustainability trends, risks and technological advances as they develop to make better decisions for your business and your clients.

Prices start at £10k + VAT p.a.

How it works

Drowning in information? Struggling to keep up with new sustainability developments?

Our team of expert curators follow developments across all aspects of sustainability, identifying and tracking trends long before they become breaking news.

Our business intelligence helps you understand the stories that matter, and our informative insights help you see the bigger picture.

We work with you to understand your user case to deliver a tailored solution.

All of our content is written by humans, never by AI, to make sure it’s relevant to you and your business.

Helping you talk smart.

We give you the intelligence to understand big sustainability issues so you’re always up to date, whether you are talking to internal or external stakeholders, or clients.

Cutting through the noise.

We digest information from over 40,000 sources, pick out what matters and write a 100 word-or-less summary to reduce information overload.

Let us do the heavy lifting

Pick a topic or theme you need more insight into and we’ll do the research and produce the content for you – saving you considerable time.

Be on top of industry developments

Our tailored intelligence can track global developments in your industry – no matter how niche or technical.

Your intelligence, your way.

Our content can be delivered in different ways, depending on your preference: Email, API feed, or as a bespoke portal layout tailored to your business.

Wholesale solutions

Channel Curation’s expertise through your platform via a reseller agreement. Increase your client engagement with contextualised content.

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