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Trusted expertise to help you achieve your ESG ambitions.

Curation is passionate about promoting and helping to deliver positive change in all things ESG. We specialise in providing the business-specific clarity and intelligence you need to enable deeper understanding of the issues that matter most – and the implications for your business.

Together, we can deliver the difference for your business.


In-depth knowledge

In-depth knowledge

We blend specialist ESG expertise with breakthrough lateral thinking to identify and track the trends, risks and technological advances that matter to your business.

Outsourced expertise

Outsourced expertise

Our dedicated subject matter experts deliver bespoke business intelligence, with the added value of all the insights, analysis and proactive ESG advice you need.

Trusted partnership

Trusted partnership

We’ll work with you collaboratively (and confidentially), with the flexibility and agility that enables the creation of purposeful content and strong thought leadership positioning on ESG issues.

We’re constantly – scanning horizons, joining dots and identifying issues – so you don’t have to.

Curation acts as your eyes, ears and more. The real value we’re able to deliver lies in our capability to connect the dots between stories and sectors, to make you aware of trends, risks and opportunities that you may not otherwise have spotted.

Our dedicated teams deliver three-dimensional intelligence and insights– to enable meaningful decision-making for all.

We dig deeper and think laterally, joining the dots behind the ESG topics and issues we track to unearth the emerging themes, risks and opportunities that are likely to affect your business and the decisions you need to make.

Gain a deeper understanding of the issues that matter most – and the implications for your business.

Accelerate positive change in your organisation. Take full advantage of curated insights and expert analysis that’s tailored to your specific needs, wherever you are on your ESG journey.

A long track record of successfully identifying risks and opportunities.

With over a decade of observation and analysis under our belts – and a vast bank of associated insights on all the trends and themes we’re constantly following – we’re often able to identify risks and opportunities months before they become reality and breaking news.

Companies we’ve worked with include

BNP Paribas
Standard Chartered
UK Finance
Grosvenor Estate
Columbia Threadneedle

“We curate the most measurable, most influential ESG data for investors and our own long/short strategy. Curation help us with bandwidth and creating a consistent tone of voice to get our ideas and IP out there. They truly understand our market – asset management as well as ESG – are very adept at articulating the implications of the issues that investors need to be aware of.”

Libby Bernick
Impact Cubed

“Curation works closely with our in-house team, identifying trends and themes and brainstorming ideas for content ranging from blogs to white papers. Our partnership saves us considerable time and effort in content creation while also helping to reinforce our ESG thought leadership positioning.”

Global Head of ESG Specialists
Global Asset Management Company

When you’re faced with ever more information, you need clarity and cut-through on what matters most.

Whether ESG issues are intrinsically linked to the services your organisation provides or you’re investing in businesses and initiatives seeking to optimise their ESG performance, we can deliver the in-depth insights, confidence and guidance you need to make better informed decisions.

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