We dig deeper, to explore ESG in three dimensions.

Bespoke business intelligence and a reliable ESG radar.

Hello, we’re Curation. A collection of curious souls, sharp thinkers, keen investigators and concise reporters (supported by clever developers and data scientists). We’re industry experts and sustainability specialists with astute commercial minds and the ability to make meaningful connections that many others are likely to miss.

An unwavering interest in everything ESG is a given. We love nothing more than immersing ourselves in multiple layers of information, traversing sources, stories, subjects, sectors and geographies to identify emerging trends, risks and opportunities – so we can inform our clients about the likely impacts and implications on their business and wider communities.

We help companies communicate with their clients too – writing insightful email, blog and white paper content that helps set them apart in their sector.


How it works: the added value of in-depth intelligence

Our ability to dig deeper, to explore ESG in three dimensions, is a key differentiator for our business – and gives our clients a clear competitive edge.

Because we’re constantly following trends and developments, we’re able to build a vast bank of insights on each topic, which creates a body of intelligence around each theme over time. Lateral thinking allows us to join the dots, connecting stories and issues to present conclusions and pathways that simply couldn’t be seen at surface level.

It’s this three-dimensional understanding of an issue or potential implication that enables businesses to be better informed about the options available to them.

Our purpose

To inspire deeper exploration and understanding of ESG issues, providing proactive support to enable positive change.

An expert, helping hand

We give you the freedom to shake off the information overwhelm commonly associated with often-complex issues. We do the heavy lifting and deep thinking for you, delivering meaningful intelligence that’s relevant to your business.

Accelerating success

As your trusted ESG partner, we’re here to enable your success. We can deliver all the insights, support and guidance you need as you strive to achieve your ESG ambitions – helping to build a better future for all.

Well-established expertise

We’ve been doing this longer than most. Over the years, we’ve gained an enviable reputation for delivering brilliantly distilled ESG insights and bespoke intelligence that enables better business decision-making for everyone.

Delivering a different perspective

Hugely knowledgeable about all aspects of the ESG agenda, our inclusive and friendly team is passionate about delivering different perspectives and providing the proactive support you need to inspire and nurture positive change in and around your business.

Meet the management team

Nick Finegold

Nick is a serial entrepreneur. After an illustrious career in capital markets, Nick founded and successfully exited Execution Noble. Ten years ago, he founded Curation and subsequently Curation Connect and Curation Collective. He is currently Head of Ideas at the Curation Collective where his 35 years of capital markets experience brings thematic investment ideas to club members.

Lee Shave
Chief Operating Officer

Lee is the Chief Operating Officer of Curation. Having over 18 years in a global financial institution and three years as COO for alternative investment firms, she is well versed and ready to navigate the start-up road. Her strong client relationships and business knowledge puts Lee in the best position to helm Curation’s growth strategy in the marketplace. Having grown up in Africa, conservation and sustainability have always been issues embedded in her heart and soul. Lee has a strong desire to be able to influence people and organisations to think differently about the world and how we can all collectively preserve it for future generations.

Nirav Karia
Head of Film Production and Events

Nirav heads up Curation’s Film and Events divisions. His creative and entrepreneurial skillsets are combined with almost a decade of experience in financial services. Nirav began his career at KPMG, a specialist within Banking and FS, before moving into industry, assisting a London-based FinTech through multiple M&A transactions and its IPO process to list on the NYSE. He joined Fat Gladiator in 2021 as an analyst and has helped to shape the direction of the business ever since. Nirav is a member of the ICAEW Chartered Accountants.

Justine Ivory
Head of Client Coverage

Justine worked at Morgan Stanley for 17 years, initially in Fixed Income and Private Wealth Management before moving into the Prime Brokerage division in 2003. She started as a Client Coverage Representative working closely with a number of leading Hedge Fund clients, subsequently transferring into a management role as a Client Coverage Manager. Justine then became the Business Manager for the Prime Brokerage Client Coverage group and the Relationship Manager for the South African Hedge Fund clients.

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