SDG 12: Responsible Consumption & Production

Eat more plants – UK advised to support alternative proteins

What’s happening? The UK should increase its support of alternative protein

Katie Chan

17th September 2021

Can I get a coffee – but hold the coffee, please

What’s happening? Compound Foods has raised $4.5m in seed funding, giving it

Katie Chan

10th September 2021

DNA tracing – a weapon in the fight against fraud

What’s happening? Seafood company Thai Union has launched a forensic science

Fred Fullerton

03rd September 2021

Vertical farming is on the rise

What’s happening? Infarm is building its second UK Growing Centre, which it

Anja Pries

27th August 2021

How to fight food waste with your mobile phone

What’s happening? Discount food app Too Good To Go, which sells surplus

Fred Fullerton

20th August 2021

Why do we need to clear up space debris?

What’s happening? Fujitsu is among the firms working with Astroscale on

Fred Fullerton

30th July 2021

Is there a sustainable way to eat fish?

What’s happening? Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost province in Argentina,

Anja Pries

30th July 2021

How DNA analysis can help save endangered species – and track our food

What’s happening? A $15m scheme hoping to describe and identify freshwater

Anja Pries

09th July 2021

How would a commodities “supercycle” fit with global sustainability?

What’s happening? Some financial analysts have been proclaiming the presence

Mubaasil Hassan

17th June 2021

Is there a green bubble in the stock market?

What’s happening? Data from Bank of America showed investments into ESG

Mubaasil Hassan

11th June 2021