SDG 15: Life on Land

China prepares draft biodiversity declaration ahead of summit

What’s happening? China will call on countries to acknowledge the importance

Katie Chan

03rd September 2021

How DNA analysis can help save endangered species – and track our food

What’s happening? A $15m scheme hoping to describe and identify freshwater

Anja Pries

09th July 2021

Killing nature could become a crime

What’s happening? The Stop Ecocide Foundation has drawn up a definition of

Katie Chan

02nd July 2021

Sierra Leone agrees $55m rainforest sale with China

What’s happening? The government of Sierra Leone has agreed a $55m deal with

Katie Chan

27th May 2021

California seeks to prevent Nestle from taking water from forest

What’s happening? Water officials in drought-stricken California have

Katie Chan

13th May 2021

Face masks and the future

What’s happening? Potentially dangerous particles leach from disposable

Nicola Watts

07th May 2021

Is seaweed the solution to reducing methane from cows?

What’s happening? Putting the Asparagopsis taxiformis form of seaweed in

Katie Chan

01st April 2021

International Women’s Day 2021

Our thoughts on International Women’s Day. Plus, your last chance get Sustt+

Sara Trett

08th March 2021

Organic meat is as harmful for the climate as alternatives, says study

What’s happening? The climate damage resulting from organic meat production

Katie Chan

09th January 2021

Plants are absorbing less CO2 than predicted – what does this mean for climate action?

What’s happening? A “fertilisation effect” that has seen rising carbon

Marc Height

19th December 2020