SDG 16: Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

An outdated treaty is stopping climate action in its tracks

What’s happening? Five energy companies are suing governments for £13bn

Anja Pries

24th September 2021

Do corporations care?

What’s happening? Pledges by corporate leaders to serve a wider pool of

Marc Height

10th September 2021

More action is needed to tackle racism on social media platforms

What’s happening? The Football Association (FA) has condemned the abuse

Fred Fullerton

16th July 2021

Killing nature could become a crime

What’s happening? The Stop Ecocide Foundation has drawn up a definition of

Katie Chan

02nd July 2021

I spy with my corporate eye

What’s happening? IKEA France has been handed a €1m ($1.2m) fine by a

Fred Fullerton

17th June 2021

Sierra Leone agrees $55m rainforest sale with China

What’s happening? The government of Sierra Leone has agreed a $55m deal with

Katie Chan

27th May 2021

Corporate donors raise $250m to address anti-Asian violence

Corporate donors such as Bank of America and Walmart, along with Asian-American

Sara Trett

07th May 2021

Green group turns up the heat on big oil advertising

What’s happening? Climate campaigners are challenging ExxonMobil over its

Katie Chan

29th April 2021

Are we seeing some easing of ‘vaccine nationalism’?

What’s happening? The US has agreed to export raw materials to India to

Nick Jardine

29th April 2021

Radioactive water and diplomacy – has the US blundered in its support for Japan?

What’s happening? US support for Japan’s multi-decade plan to release

Nick Jardine

16th April 2021