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What is the cost of equitable global climate action?

What’s happening? Wealthy countries are set to achieve the $100bn climate finance target to help developing nations by 2023, three ...

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Sara Trett
October 29, 2021

The EU’s vaccine issues could be a boon for China

What’s happening? The European Commission has confirmed it will bring in a mechanism allowing member nations to restrict the exporting ...

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Nick Jardine
January 30, 2021

A sluggish vaccine rollout exposes the EU’s weaknesses again

What’s happening? A virtual summit of EU leaders saw angst directed towards pharmaceutical firms amid delays in providing vaccines, according ...

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Nick Jardine
January 23, 2021

The last line of defence against Big Tech dominance may rely on unionisation

What’s happening? Over 220 Google employees have formed the Alphabet Workers Union, following several years of disputes between employees and executives, ...

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Fred Fullerton
January 9, 2021

A photo of Fred Fullerton

Investors representing $7tn join to tackle antimicrobial resistance

What’s happening? Aviva Investors, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Asset Management and Nordea Asset Management are among the first 12 international investors and ...

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Nicola Watts
November 28, 2020

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