SDG 7: Affordable & Clean Energy

Gas and CO2 supply woes could be alleviated by preparing for climate change

What’s happening? You’ve seen what’s happening: the steady rises in gas

Marc Height

24th September 2021

A vision for hydrogen kicks up a fuss

What’s happening? The UK government has published its long-awaited Hydrogen

Do we really need deep-sea mining for a low-carbon future?

What’s happening? Deep-sea mining is not necessary for the renewable-energy

Anja Pries

06th August 2021

UAE pilots solar-powered generator to create water from air

What’s happening? A solar-powered project is being tested in the United Arab

Katie Chan

06th August 2021

Where does cryptocurrency fit in an ESG portfolio?

If you have even a passing interest in cryptocurrency, then you will have

Nick Jardine

25th June 2021

Is there a green bubble in the stock market?

What’s happening? Data from Bank of America showed investments into ESG

Mubaasil Hassan

11th June 2021

Could your next job be green?

What’s happening? A study by the Robert Gordon University expects that 65%

Fred Fullerton

04th June 2021

Now we know what’s needed to stop dangerous climate change and it’s… a lot

What’s happening? In order for the world to reach net-zero emissions by

Marc Height

21st May 2021

Heavyweight trio turn to space-travel tech for waste-to-fuel initiative

What’s happening? Chevron, Schlumberger and Microsoft have partnered to

Jack Elliot

18th March 2021

Filling the desert with solar panels – a good idea, right?

What’s happening? The construction of huge arrays of solar panels in the

Marc Height

19th February 2021