SDG 11: Sustainable Cities & Communities

Radioactive water and diplomacy – has the US blundered in its support for Japan?

What’s happening? US support for Japan’s multi-decade plan to release

Nick Jardine

16th April 2021

Pollution is leading to ageing populations – how can urban environments respond?

What’s happening? Endocrine-disrupting chemicals in the environment are

Nicola Watts

05th March 2021

Lockdowns or no lockdowns, city air pollution is still terrible

What’s happening? The average level of air pollution in cities worldwide is

Katie Chan

12th February 2021

Coastal wetlands found to be important to wellbeing

What’s happening? A Flinders University study has discovered that tidal

Nicola Watts

05th February 2021

China at efforts to show you can control the weather

What’s happening? China intends to increase its ability to modify weather and

Katie Chan

12th December 2020

Major brands seek changes to US ban on Xinjiang labour goods

What’s happening? Apple, Coca-Cola and Nike are among several major US

Sara Trett

05th December 2020