SDG 14: Life Below Water

Gulf of Mexico fire raises questions about energy infrastructure

What’s happening? Pemex, Mexico’s national oil company, has said that fast

Kate Chan

09th July 2021

Sierra Leone agrees $55m rainforest sale with China

What’s happening? The government of Sierra Leone has agreed a $55m deal with

Katie Chan

27th May 2021

A network of lakes, marshes and streams is suing Florida

What’s happening? A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a network of lakes,

Marc Height

07th May 2021

Face masks and the future

What’s happening? Potentially dangerous particles leach from disposable

Nicola Watts

07th May 2021

A fish-eye view of the ocean

What’s happening? The UK government will create the Global Ocean Wildlife

Katie Chan

23rd April 2021

We need blue carbon for a green world

What’s happening? Three world heritage listed marine sites in Australia –

Katie Chan

17th March 2021

A lot of work’s needed to save the Great Barrier Reef

What’s happening? A report card from the Australian government has found

Katie Chan

25th February 2021

The Ganges is releasing billions of microplastics each day

What’s happening? The Ganges river and two nearby waterways are releasing up

Katie Chan

05th February 2021

A natural solution to reducing plastic from the ocean: seagrass

What’s happening? Underwater seagrass meadows may be naturally trapping

Katie Chan

30th January 2021

Upcycled crustacean waste used to create supplements

What’s happening? NUS researchers have developed a process of transforming

Katie Chan

21st November 2020