SDG 5: Gender Equality

Companies push back against Texas abortion law

What’s happening? Anti-abortion website Texas Right to Life has been forced

Sara Trett

10th September 2021

Banking on gender diversity

What’s happening? Increasing the proportion of female directors improves the

Mubaasil Hassan

27th August 2021

Is the video gaming industry a sustainability nightmare?

What’s happening? Blizzard Entertainment has announced that its president, J

Fred Fullerton

06th August 2021

How can diversity in clinical trials be improved?

What’s happening? The National Institute on Aging (NIA) has launched

Nicola Watts

06th August 2021

PayPal commits $100m to financial inclusion for gender equality

What’s happening? PayPal Holdings has pledged at least $100m to improve

Sara Trett

09th July 2021

Can public health campaigns damage women?

What’s happening? The World Health Organization (WHO) draft Global Alcohol

Nicola Watts

25th June 2021

IETF looks to remove racial language from computer coding terms

What’s happening? Volunteer organisation the Internet Engineering Task Force

Sara Trett

23rd April 2021

International Women’s Day 2021

Our thoughts on International Women’s Day. Plus, your last chance get Sustt+

Sara Trett

08th March 2021

Period poverty is still a thing – how can we address it?

What’s happening? Up to 85,000 Irish women and girls may be struggling to

Nicola Watts

05th March 2021