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Water-related risks need our attention

What’s happening? A Planet Tracker and CDP report has said financial companies face losses of more than $225bn because of ...

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Mubaasil Hassan
May 20, 2022

Could better groundwater management solve the world’s water problems?

What’s happening? Sub-Saharan Africa has sufficient groundwater to transform its agriculture – while also providing adequate safe water for people’s drinking ...

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Anja Pries
April 1, 2022

UAE pilots solar-powered generator to create water from air

What’s happening? A solar-powered project is being tested in the United Arab Emirates that could potentially generate "endless" quantities of ...

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Katie Chan
August 6, 2021

Could blockchain facilitate peer-to-peer water trading?

What’s happening? The US state of Colorado has turned to blockchain to help it manage its depleted water supplies. Recently passed ...

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Fred Fullerton
July 2, 2021

A photo of Fred Fullerton

Access to toilets – for some it stinks

What’s happening? Mister Loo, which operates a chain of pay toilets in Thailand, saw sales grow during 2020 on the ...

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Nicola Watts
February 25, 2021

The Ganges is releasing billions of microplastics each day

What’s happening? The Ganges river and two nearby waterways are releasing up to three billion microplastic particles – particles measuring ...

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Katie Chan
February 5, 2021

Bolivia’s water supplies threatened by global warming

What’s happening? The Tuni glacier in Bolivia is shrinking more quickly than previously estimated, which is likely to intensify the water ...

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Katie Chan
January 16, 2021

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