SDG 6: Clean Water & Sanitation

UAE pilots solar-powered generator to create water from air

What’s happening? A solar-powered project is being tested in the United Arab

Katie Chan

06th August 2021

Could blockchain facilitate peer-to-peer water trading?

What’s happening? The US state of Colorado has turned to blockchain to help

Fred Fullerton

02nd July 2021

Access to toilets – for some it stinks

What’s happening? Mister Loo, which operates a chain of pay toilets in

Nicola Watts

25th February 2021

The Ganges is releasing billions of microplastics each day

What’s happening? The Ganges river and two nearby waterways are releasing up

Katie Chan

05th February 2021

Bolivia’s water supplies threatened by global warming

What’s happening? The Tuni glacier in Bolivia is shrinking more quickly than

Katie Chan

16th January 2021